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Samatha Vipassana

The Buddha taught that the practice of Samatha (Tranquility) and Vipassana (Insight) in conjunction is essential for attaining true wisdom. Together, they offer a deeper understanding of the self and the world. These are often misunderstood as separate practices, whereas they are actually the outcomes of doing the right kind of practice. 

Unlike other popular Buddhist techniques practised by monks, Samatha Vipassana was originally taught by the Buddha to the common people and was gradually lost over time. It was rediscovered by Ven. Bhante Vimalaramsi from the Suttras, reviving its authentic essence.

As the technique was developed by the Buddha for laypeople, besides being easy to practice, it is also more practical and easier to implement in daily life.

Continue your growth beyond the retreat

  • Personalized guidance - continued 1-1 support from your guide

  • Community connection - group meditations and experience sharing

  • Curated content - ancient wisdom and scientific breakthroughs

  • Habit-building support - meditation and mindful living / mindful life practices

  • Application workshops - dealing mindfully with specific life issues

Enjoying Sunset


Samatha Vipassana Meditation technique helps you break harmful thinking patterns and habits. You develop the skill of observing how your mind's attention moves from one thought to another using Metta or Loving kindness as the object of meditation (as an anchor). 

Metta is a powerful object of meditation - naturally taking you to an uplifted state of mind that is easy to maintain and makes learning fast and fun. 

As you go deeper into the practice, you experience how the three mental skills of mindfulness, concentration, and insight transform your mind and lead a wholesome life.

Hear Our Community's Experiences
“Made me calmer, more controlled, and happier, reduced my negative reactions"
'It helped me develop the ability to be less reactive and more measured in my response; there are less triggers and I feel more satisfied and uplifted in life. Also learnt a way to avoid creating many unpleasant situations'

Dr. Agam Gupta

Devoted Dad and IIT Professor who is Passionate About Exploring Spirituality

Agam Gupta.png

Application in life

Development of the three great skills of mindfulness, harmonious practice and collectedness will help you transform your life and unlock endless reserves of happiness, resilience and ability.

Practising these skills regularly will help you maintain focus during important activities, and detect and overcome habitual patterns of restlessness, sloth, anger, frustration, disappointment, doubt or self-blame.

Stone Balancing

Our Collection

About is a non-profit volunteer-led organisation that aims to make the practice of Samatha Vipassana accessible to a wider audience and encourage frequent practice. Having individually benefitted from this practice, we want to empower individuals with the necessary skills to create positive changes in their lives and lead a happier and more fulfilled life.


We assist practitioners in developing a comprehensive understanding of the functioning of their minds by using scientific and rational frameworks (keeping the teachings of the Buddha as the core).

Our emphasis is on developing the ability to observe these mental formations in the meditation practice. As proponents of a scientific and logical mindset, we not only subscribe to the notion of ‘seeing is believing’, but extend it to the belief that ‘seeing and doing is believing’.

This page section have photos of all the volunteers along with their experience with TWIM practice.

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