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Application in Life

Development of the three great skills of mindfulness, harmonious practice and collectedness will help you transform your life and unlock endless reserves of happiness, resilience and ability.

For instance, when you are engaged in an important activity - you can allow your mind to collect around that activity, use mindfulness to detect when your mind has wandered away and bring it back harmoniously with the 6Rs.


At the other end of the spectrum, if you find that you have habitual patterns of slipping into restlessness, sloth, anger, frustration, disappointment or self-blame...

  • your Mindfulness helps you detect this!

  • the 6Rs help you bring your mind to a wholesome state.

  • and Collectedness allows you to maintain that wholesome state and take decisions from courage and wisdom instead of fear or aversion.


During the retreat, we will cover how these skills and understanding of mental processes can be put into action to transform every facet of your life.

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