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Buddha's toolkit for modern happiness

9 days X 2 hours X 3 skills

A meditation retreat from the comfort of your home

Is this for me?

Plan sessions around your schedule from the comfort of your home

Daily 1 on 1 with an experienced guide; Retreat tailored to your specific needs

Easy techniques for rapid progress; Beginner, skeptic & expert friendly

Buddha's 3 skills


Centering your mind around joyful states or vital tasks and staying there with ease


Remembering to observe how your attention moves from one thought to another

Right Effort (6Rs)

Rescuing your attention from distractions, compulsive behaviours or mental spiralling

Grow everyday

Understand the Mind 

30-60 mins of daily video content on mental mechanisms and how they affect our experience of life

Master the 3 skills

2x30 min sitting meditation

1x15 min walking meditation

Deep insights into your mind

Learn by Application 

Receive personalized guidance on how to fine tune your skills and redesign your life

Reflections from past Retreaters
“Made me calmer and happier, reduced my negative reactions"
'It helped me develop the ability to be less reactive and more measured in my response; there are less triggers and I feel more satisfied and uplifted in life. Also learnt a way to avoid creating many unpleasant situations.'

Dr. Agam Gupta

Devoted Dad & IIT Professor

Agam Gupta.png

Continued growth beyond the retreat

Personalized guidance

Continued 1-1 support from your guide

Habit-building support

Meditation and mindful living practices

Community connection

A safe space to grow and share experiences

Go deeper

Advanced retreats and content to deepen your understanding

Enjoying Sunset


The Late Ven. Bhante Vimalaramsi rediscovered the ingredients that made the earliest teachings of the Buddha so effective. He developed a program that leads to the dual outcomes of samatha (tranquility) and vipassana (insight) by using a practice that is uplifting, easy to do, and results in rapid progress.


Rajiv Dinesh (RD, your guide) was personally trained by Bhante. With Bhante’s blessings, RD continues to successfully share the teachings with hundreds of students around the world. 


A 2005 CS grad from IIT Delhi, RD has worked as an AI/ML entrepreneur and business leader. He uses a contemporary style to present the Buddha's teachings, combining it with the growing body of scientific study in this area.

This meditation program is presented by the Metta-morphosis project, a growing community of self improvement seekers.

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